Boy have I been busy sewing up a storm in the sewing room. I’ve been playing around with a few ideas, creating gifts for baby showers and sewing up skirts for The Wiggles concert. If you have little children and live in Australia, you will know who The Wiggle are) Do you know about The Wiggles in your part of the world?

The Wiggles Skirts


Top photo: The wiggles! Bottom left photo: Wiggle groupies Bottom right photo: waiting patiently…


Top photo: Elyse in her Wiggles skirt Bottom photo: Elyse and her little buddy trying to work out how to get into the playground.

So Elyse recently went to her first Wiggles Concert. She sat in awe for the first five to ten minutes or so and then spent the rest of time dancing, climbing steps and she did mention a couple of times that she was ready to go home. Overall, a good first concert. I made Elyse and her little friends their very own Wiggles skirts. Black with yellow stripes for Emma Wiggle and purple stripes for Lachy Wiggle. They were so cute in their little skirts! I got the general gist for how to make this skirt from the Dana Made It website where she had a great tutorial. You can find that tutorial here. Thanks for a great tutorial, Dana!

Baby Bibs and Over the Shoulder Spew Cloths


My neighbour recently had her baby shower in preparation for the birth of her baby (and has since had her cute little bundle of cuteness!) I made her some easy double sided bibs in a newborn size and some over the shoulder spew cloths just to make burping time a bit more fashionable. These were super quick and easy to make.

Play Mat/Carry Bag/Storage Bag


I also made my neighbour this cool play mat/carry bag/storage bag because I felt like it. I loved the way it turned out. I was just thinking that it could be used as a play mat and then a storage mat for the baby toys, but my neighbour has been also using it as a general bag for the baby’s clothes and spew cloths while in hospital. Talk about multi-purpose!

Quiet Book/Folder Cover


So I had seen this quiet book idea on my Pinterest/interest sessions for sometime now and thought it would be a great idea to have a cover for a folder and then have interchangeable activities for inside the folder. So I’ve only the made the folder so far and hopefully I’ll have some of the activities for the inside of the folder to share with you next time. Here’s my Pinterest board of quiet book ideas if you want to take a look. It gave me a good excuse to play around with printing on fabric with my inkjet printer as well. It turned out pretty well.

Warren the Charity Bear


Recently I wrote a post about Warren the Charity Bear made by Wendi from Shiny Happy World. He’s super cute and now a member of our family. You can read more about him here.

Bib with Arm Holes



This bib was inspired by a friend who had one similar to this on their bub. I thought they were pretty cool, especially if your baby is at the stage of ripping their bib of in two seconds flat. I chose to use laminated fabric on one side so it could be easy to wipe clean and towelling on the other side so it’s extra absorbent for those juicy meals. What do you think? worth a tutorial? Would you make them and find them handy? Let me know in the comments below.

Sock Monkeys

familyofsockmonkeysSo this is the most recent family of sock monkeys I have made for friends. Once people know that you can make these little cuties You’ll be making quite a few. You can find the full video tutorial for them here.

Ok. I think that’s me done for today. Leave a comment below telling me what you think of any of these creations and if you would like to see a tutorial made for them.

Until next time, Happy sewing!