Thinking back, my first experience as a beginning sewer must have been when I was in High School doing Home Economics. The class spent a term on sewing and I loved every bit of it. I remember making boxer shorts, and for my independent project, I chose to make pants out of faux fur. I can’t say they were the most slimming or comfortable pants, and I don’t think I actually ever wore them, but it was the fact that I made them, designed them and they were from an idea that I had.


Sewing to be Creative and Purposeful

When it comes to sewing as a craft or an art form, it’s a good avenue to practise your creativity, but also be a little bit purposeful as well. What I mean by this is you can create a master piece with your fabric, which can be used as a quilt for your bed or a throw on the lounge. You could do a quick bit of sewing to whip up a new bib for the baby or a skirt for yourself. And the best thing is, you can make everything just the way you like it! You don’t need to shop for hours only to come home with something that wasn’t quite what you were looking for, but it will do because your were tired, or the kids were screaming and you wanted to leave.

Many people I come across see something that I make and think it’s amazing and wonder how I did it. When I explain how, they often say, “oh, I wish I could sew”. This is one of the main reasons why I created this site. I believe that anyone can sew, because really it’s a learned skill.

I am also aware of the fact that people are short on time and don’t see the real benefit of having sewing in their lives. It really is easy to just go and buy the things that you need or want, but the satisfaction, fulfilment and pride that you get out of making something all by yourself is amazing. Much more satisfying then shopping for the thing you want, only to come home with something that was just ok.

I Want to Make Sewing for Beginners Easy! That’s My Goal!

As a primary school teacher, I found one of the most effective ways for someone to learn something is to be shown, or watch someone else do it first and then, as soon as possible, the learner has a go at doing it for themselves. That’s why I choose to do step-by-step video instructions for all of my sewing projects. I’m really trying to cater for the person who doesn’t want to go through the time it takes to learn something all by yourself. I really want to make sewing for beginners easy. By making videos tutorials,  all you need to do is watch and follow along. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to learn.


My First Quilting Project

So getting back to my original question of ‘when did I begin sewing?’, I definitely didn’t start young and after my high school sewing experiences I really didn’t get back into sewing until I moved to the small town that I live in now. When I first moved here it had the best quilting and fabric store that I had ever seen. It was amazing. This reignited my desire to sew (and it was a great excuse to buy lots of fabric). So this was my appliqué and quilting phase of sewing. My first attempt was from a little kit that I bought. I’m still very proud of it and it is still displayed in my lounge room as well. Unfortunately, that shop no longer exists, but I do have the internet at my fingertips now as well.

You can safely say that I have found my love of sewing through craft sewing. So sewing things for everyday use around the house and sewing softies as well. Softies just bring so much happiness to the world I think.

I would love to hear when you began to sew and what particular things you like to sew now, crafty, dressmaking, etc. Comment down below or contact me here.

Happy sewing everyone!