Hi. My name is Domenica Tootell and I am a lover of sewing. I don’t claim to be an expert at sewing, in fact, everything I have learned has been from the internet, books and my favourite sewing buddies in my life. No classes or specific study. Some of the things I do might not be technically correct, but they work for me. I also have a love for teaching and I love to share the little things that make my life easier. Even though I love sewing I always found that it was something that got pushed to the end of a list of things that I wanted to do during any given day. Since having my gorgeous little girl I was finding that it wasn’t even on my radar some days. It’s amazing how fast time goes when you have little ones in your life! I wanted to fix this. I wanted to spend time with my family and also find the time to sew. I wanted to combine two of my passions in life, sewing and teaching, so I could spend more quality time with my family. This was and still is my ultimate challenge!

Why is Sewing So Important to Me?

Ii might not just be the fact that I want to sew that makes me want to do it, it’s more of what I get from sewing. In my experience, sewing brings me so much happiness just from the fact that I have turned a piece of fabric into a nifty creation that is either completely for fun (like a softie) or a little but practical (like placemats or a pin cushion to use while I’m sewing). I also love giving my creations away as gifts. Just to see the amazement on people’s faces when you say that you made it yourself is fantastic. To me the time that you choose to put into a gift for someone is more valuable than just spending money on a gift for someone. Time is definitely more valuable than money and time is a limited resource, we are only given a certain amount of it each day. So the act of sewing is important to me because it brings me happiness from the things that I create and the joy that I can bring to someone just for sewing a little something for them.

So Why Have I Started a Website?

Well, I have been having an issue with finishing projects before I start on a new one (an annoying habit of mine that I want to kick). So this website is here to help me stay accountable for the projects that I start and also to work on my annoying habits and share my solutions with the Easy Sewing for Beginners community.

Another major reason for starting this website is through some of the things that I have been hearing from friends through general conversation about sewing, especially when they see the things that I have been sewing. Some things that I hear quite often are “I would love to be able to sew” or “I have a sewing machine but don’t really know how to use it”. If you have heard yourself saying this then this is the website just for you!

So Why Don’t People Just Go and Sew Already?

The main reasons why people don’t dust off that sewing machine usually comes down to a few excuses

  1. I don’t know how to sew
  2. I don’t have time to sew
  3. I don’t know where to start
  4. Sewing takes too long. I can just go and buy that

If this website can help you with anything it’s to help you banish these excuses from your repertoire and just go and sew because I’m here to help you find solutions to these problems.

How? I Hear You Ask

Good question! I want to make sewing for beginners as easy as possible. My aim is to do this by offering you step by step tutorials with an approximate time frame included. This is to help you be organized and know how much time you need to put aside for each step of your sewing project. When necessary, I will work on providing video explanations for certain skills. I know I learn best by watching someone else do it first.

Often some of my posts might be about developing your mindset when it comes to being a sewer, especially someone who creates and sews as a hobby. Often, if we are very clear on the reasons why we do something, they are so much easier to do.

So these are the main goals for this site:

  • To help banish the excuses that hold us back from getting on with our sewing dreams
  • Provide sewing projects for beginners that are practical things that we use in our lives and not so practical, but bring so much happiness like softies
  • Create accountability for myself to finish what I start and get my ideas out of my head and into the world
  • Have a community of sewing buddies that I can call on for support and ideas and visa versa

This is the Birth of the Easy Sewing for Beginners Website!

Keep your eyes peeled as this website will be developing into a sewing for beginners hub. I can’t wait to get posting and creating so I can share some great sewing tips, tricks and general information with you.

I am very open to feedback and ideas so if there is ever something that you think I could help you with or you could help me with, then feel free to contact me at any time.

Until next time, happy sewing!